Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back to School

Yesterday was the first day of school.
Jason is in first and Liza is in second.
6 1/2 hours every day.

I miss them already.
I'm kind of lost without them.

The house is calm and quiet... and actually starting to get cleaned up.
But it doesn't feel right.
It feels empty.

I watch and wait to learn what time they will be outside for recess or gym class just so I can get a glimpse of them and toss them the "I love you" sign. My heart skips a beat when they send it back. Not yet too cool to be seen telling their mom "I love you."

What will I do with 6 1/2 hours five days a week????
I have plenty of work to do. Books to read. Movies to watch.
But none of that stuff matters.

I miss my babies.
I miss their laughter.
I miss their sillies.
I miss their hugs and snugs.
I miss hearing their thoughts and being there for them when they need me.

Remember what I have taught you Liza and Jason.
Be kind... always.
Do what's right... always.
Give people second, third and fourth chances.
Listen to your teachers.
Learn to love learning.
Work your problems out.
And always ALWAYS be yourself.


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