Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Book Before Movie - The Book Thief

It's been a while since I posted about a book. If you remember, I've been reading books that are being turned into movies this year. The most recent one I read was The Book Thief. I had heard about this book plenty of times so when I saw that it was coming out as a movie I decided I better get on it.

Of course, I didn't realize until I was a good ways into it that I was trying to read a 500-some page book in the middle of summer. Let's just say that it took me a while to read it. For me, it was a slow moving book. I enjoyed the characters and the story... I just wish it would have moved along a little bit faster.

Several books that I have read this year have taken place during WWII and it's interesting to get so many different perspectives. Some of them have been true stories and some made up but still capturing what life was like during that time. The Book Thief is a fictional story about a family living in Nazi Germany that didn't agree with the way things were going and the struggles that came because of that. It's a story about survival and love.

It wasn't one of my favorite books. I don't find myself raving about it and telling people it's a must-read book. But I did enjoy it.

I watched the movie not long after finishing the book and when it comes down to it... if you have the time, read the book. The movie was missing so much... so much relationship and feelings and story. So while I did loooove the book I have to say the movie is good but the book is better... which is usually the case!

Did you read The Book Thief? What did you think about it?

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