Monday, August 4, 2014

Let's Continue the Lice Conversation...

I shared a few days ago about our experience with lice.
Let's just say it has been life-changing.

1. I don't sleep well anymore. Before, I didn't know what lice looked like... so I couldn't really dream about it. But since finding out what it looked like it managed to creep into my dreams for 13 nights in a row. One night I shoved Mike and pushed all my pillows away because I was dreaming that they were trying to get back on me. It was awful. It took two days of cleaning my house... the real, spring-cleaning type of cleaning... for me to be able to sleep well again. But the sleeping well only lasted for two or three nights and now I am back to dreaming of lice again. It's bad. I'm exhausted!

2. I am paranoid. If my kids are hanging out with other kids I check their hair before they come back in the house. I will never have lice enter my house ever again. If it's only 10 degrees out and I find lice on one of my kids, they will sit on the porch until I get to the store and we will treat their heads outside. Never again!

3. My friend joked that I have PTSD. Yes... it was very traumatic and has caused me great stress! Will it ever stop?

Lice sucks.
The end!

My last post got long enough but there are a few other things that are supposed to help when it comes to lice...

Tea Tree Oil.
Apparently lice do not like the smell or something. You can either add tea tree oil to your shampoo... or you can pick up a bottle of tea tree oil shampoo. We found a bottle like this at Sally's.

Apparently lice don't like hairspray. I have no idea how people know this but just in case I now spray Liza's hair if she is going to be around a lot of kids.

The thing about lice is that once you get it the only way to get rid of it is TO GET RID OF IT. Treat the hair. Comb it. Don't stop combing it. (I still comb every night. I told you... I'm paranoid.) Follow the directions on the treatment... do the second treatment at the right time. Do the laundry and the vacuuming. Bag up all the stuffed animals. Don't forget to treat things like the car and bike helmets. When it comes to lice you really can't over-do it.

And don't be afraid to turn kids away.
I am an open door house. Kids show up, pop their heads in and when they see me they'll come sit in my living room and talk to me. Kids use my bathroom or grab a drink. But when lice is going around... I have a right to check the heads of kids who want to come in my house. And I have. When Liza's friends who also had lice would come to play we would ask if they had their hair combed that day. If not we would kindly ask them not to play here. We don't want it back! I have an "all eggs gone" policy.

Also... if you find that you do have lice please be a good person and tell everyone that you had contact with in the past week or so. Let them know that they need to check well. Don't keep it a secret. 

I went from dreading the thought of getting lice, thinking it would make me puke and that I would not be able to handle it. I did struggle. (And obviously still do.) But I went front dreading it to not being afraid to check heads that don't even belong to me. That might seem bold... but elimination is the only way to get rid of it. This is my house and I will protect it... because I told Mike that should it ever happen again I am just going to burn the house down!

I need counseling!

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