Thursday, August 7, 2014

Liza, Liza...

This morning in the car Liza and Jason were talking about rock stars and being famous. Apparently Alvin and the Chipmunks have taught them quite a lot... like how when people get famous they think they can just do whatever they want but that's not a good thing.

Then Liza said that she wants to sing and do music when she is older but she doesn't want to be a rock star because then all the boys would be after her and she doesn't want to be that kind of girl.


I love my Liza to pieces!
She makes my heart explode all the time.

And when she said she didn't want to be the kind of girl that all the boys are after I smiled and in my mind I thought...

But you will be that kind of girl Liza.
The boys will be after you.
Because you are beautiful!
But more than that... you are smart and confident and face your problems. You are adventurous and never dull. You are thoughtful and kind and sweet. You think of others and put them first. You care. You are funny, silly and make people laugh. You make other people feel good about themselves. You are amazing.

And because of all those things... boys won't be able to help it. They will like you. 

But you stay strong girl! And don't settle for just anyone. 
Know yourself.
And always listen to God.
When all those boys are after you, get alone and listen for that voice within you. It will lead you and let you know what to do. What boy is worth your heart and which ones aren't. 

Get ready Liza. The boys already notice you. They already like you... because you make them like themselves.


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