Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Our Little Free Library Grand Opening

Most of you know that we now have a Little Free Library in our little front yard. We love it! The neighborhood loves it!

A lot of people have walked by and looked at it. It's interesting listening to them and peeking out my window. Sometimes I go outside and talk to people and tell them about it. Sometimes I let them figure it out. The books are changing so they are getting it. But I wanted to take some time to make a big deal about it... draw attention to it and let people know that not only is the LFL there but it is there for them to use.

So... I had a Grand Opening. We pulled all the books from our attic. Friends donated books. Neighbors made cookies, let me borrow canopies and tables, helped me set up and clean up. We had boxes upon boxes of books that we gave away for free. There were two prizes that people could enter to win. The cookies were delicious. I had a craft table where people could make bookmarks... which turned into the table where kids made whatever they wanted... and I was ok with that. :) The kids blew through six gallons of koolaid. And since the LFL that we have is a partnership with our Public Library we also had Mr. Peter come and read a book to the kids. (Best book reader EVER!)

We had a really great time and met lots neighbors. Someone came by that wasn't even from our neighborhood. She just read about it on the Butler Area Public Library's facebook page and decided that she and her son needed to take a trip to the outdoor library! I loved meeting everyone and giving away books and I'm looking forward to finding good books in our Little Free Library to read myself!!


We couldn't have a book party without giving away a copy of the book that Mike wrote!















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