Thursday, August 21, 2014

Parenting is Tough

Oh boy.
I knew it would eventually happen but I don't think I was ready for it to happen TODAY. Just now.


When we moved downtown and sent our kids to a public school I knew the day would come where we would have to talk to our kids about words that they hear. I even told Mike that I would probably have to say them out loud to my kids at some point so that we could talk about them and they would know which words are ones we don't really want to be using.

Several times a week I ask my kids if they heard anything that they have a question about. We have had some strange, awkward conversations as a result of my asking them that... but I figure it's better to know what they are learning from their friends and then make sure that they know what is true about those things. I'm hoping that this just becomes normal for Liza and Jason and they will continue to have open and honest conversations with us as they get older.

I had a scare one time when Liza talked about the "S word". Turns out it was just "Stupid". Whew!

About two weeks ago Liza and Jason were playing with their site words. She was helping Jason learn some. They would flip a card over and then see if they could get it right. I heard them whispering something about a bad word so I entered the conversation. Turns out they were reading "as" as "ass". Jason knew it was a bad word. So we talked about it, said it out loud, told them they would even find it as a name for donkey in older Bible translations. They thought that was pretty shocking!

And then I told them...

"There will come a day when all your friends are using bad words... and you are going to want to try them out. When that day comes I just want you to remember that bad words are never kind and they never make you sound smart."
Liza and Jason promised that that day would never come for them.


And then there was today.
And the F-word.

I asked them if they had heard anything they wanted to talk about. Jason said no. Liza said "Well I do. What about that f-a-c-k word." I corrected the spelling for her and asked where she heard that. It was written at the playground.

ME: Can you sound that out in your head so you know what it sounds like?
LIZA: *looks at me"
ME: The U makes and "uh" sound.
LIZA: *still just looks at me*
ME: Do you need me to say it out loud so you can hear it and know what it is?
LIZA: Yeah.
ME: *silence*
LIZA: *looks at me*
ME: I don't know if I can do this!
LIZA: *still looking at me... waiting*
ME: *deep breath... deep breath"... and then I said it.

And she repeated it!!!
I said the F-word to my baby girl and she said it back to me.

You can find me curled up in fetal position crying.


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