Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Home Improvements

We've been in this house for two years now. The only improving we did when we moved in was paint. A month of two after move in we took out the carpet in the dining room and our bedroom. And we left the house as is.

I'm ready for some home improvements!!!

Mike recently did a simple improvement for me. Our closets are pretty much useless. You can't put a hanger in the normal way. So we have two rods that we can hang a few clothes on. Useless. So I asked him to put some shelves in and basically turn it into a built-in dresser. The three lower shelves are what he made for me making the closet a much more useful space! We'll soon do the same in Liza's room.


We also decided it was time to take out the rest of the carpet that was left in the house. Our living room floors are now down to the original floor...


and will stay like that until we buy some laminate wood flooring. We'll put that in our living room and dining room. I'm excited! This is the floor we are looking at getting...


The biggest surprise though was the stairs! We pulled up the carpet and found this...


Yikes hahahaha!

I plan to paint them brown. And that's where I need help. Have you painted floors/stairs before? What do I need to know? Should I paint them completely brown? Or do two different colors like in the photo?If I do two different colors, how do I decide what the second color should be?

Over the next few weeks I'll be painting all the trim and walls downstairs again. I can see the dirt rail at the height of kid hands running throughout the house. A fresh coat of paint will look good! Then we'll lay the new floor and I'll paint my bedroom floor, upstairs hallway and the stairs! I need a big project to fill up some of the time that the kids are in school. :)

Anyways... any advice on painting floors and stairs?

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