Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Fun

We haven't really participated in Halloween before. Me and Mike both grew up in families that didn't do Halloween. When Liza and Jason were younger we lived in a neighborhood where no one was out trick-or-treating. They all left for bigger and better neighborhoods. Then we moved to our current home and didn't do Halloween the first year there. Last year we went out of town on trick-or-treat night.

This year though... as we thought it through we realized that the only reason we weren't doing Halloween was because that's how we grew up. We didn't have strong convictions of our own against it so we told the kids that this is the year that they will get to try out some trick-or-treat fun.

I made their costumes... because that's how I roll. I saw them both on Pinterest and Liza and Jason both loved them so I put it off until the last minute like always and had to make them in a crunch.


Two weekends ago the kids were excited for the party at their grandparent's church. We went to an event at our library during the afternoon and lucked out with some awesome, free, face painting and they each got something to go with their costumes.



They enjoyed their Halloween parties at school and they couldn't stop talking about how excited they were to go trick-or-treating. At 6:00 we headed out, in the rain, to get some candy. My butterfly and bat flew around the neighborhood and came home loaded. They excitedly spread their candy out to see what all they got.

Liza said that maybe next year we shouldn't go out for the whole hour because she thinks they got too much candy.



Of course, the day after, I gave them free reign... I told them they could eat as much candy as they wanted all day long. I want it gone. They definitely put a good dent in their bags of candy and ate very little real food that day. They thought it was awesome.

We still somehow have tons of candy left though.

It ended up being a really fun family time and I'm sure we will do it all over again next year!


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Bat tutorial

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