Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Christmas Surprise

Sooo... there was that time this summer that we had lice. DON'T WORRY!!! We do NOT have lice again.

But when we did have lice... I packed up all the kids' stuffed animals in garbage bags and put them in the basement. They are still there.

Every so often Liza and Jason will ask about them and I just say "yeah... I need to get those washed up don't I?" And then nothing ever happens. They still sit in those bags in the basement. Part of me wants to throw them out because there are so many of them and those dang stuffed animals just take over my house. Then I remember that some of them were the kids' favorites and they played with them all the time and called them their children.

The other day I was sitting here thinking that maybe I should surprise the kids... wash them all up and put them in their bedroom for them to wake up to on Christmas morning. Of course, as soon as I thought that Jason was telling me his head was itching. As he was laying in his bed trying to fall asleep he yelled down, "Moooom! My head is itchy like I have lice!"

I thought how dare he speak that word in this house!!!!

I figured his head was just itchy because he had just showered and didn't get all the soap out but you know I had to have a good look anyways. And that also made me pause about washing those stupid stuffed animals that are still bagged up in my basement awaiting their fate.

I suppose I really should get around to washing those animals. It would be such a fun Christmas surprise... they might even like it more than their gifts.

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