Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Christmas Tea Party

I truly have the most amazing neighbor ever! As long as she lives next door I will stay here because I know that I will never find a neighbor as great as her ever again.

This year she planned a Christmas Tea Party for the girls in the neighborhood. She delivered invitations for the girls and their moms... no boys allowed!

One Sunday afternoon we got dressed up and walked next door. My neighbor went all out! The table was decorated with poinsettias (gifts for the moms), a gift at each table setting, delicious food and Christmas magic!



Each girl opened her box to find her very own tea cup.


Food was served... along with tea and hot chocolate. All the kids opted for hot chocolate and I don't blame them!


The girls were then give "party bags" which were filled with all kinds of girly fun.




Each family was sent home with cookies and the girls each got a gift with the instructions to place it under the tree and not open it until Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Oh... she also sent them home with gifts they could open right away.

My neighbor seriously went all out for these girls and made them feel so special and gave them a memory to keep forever. She wanted to help make Christmas magical for them and she definitely succeeded!


May you all find a neighbor as awesome as mine... and may we all become the kind of neighbors to others that has them feeling like they landed in the best place ever when they got their new home.


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