Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Stockings

For as long as I can remember, this has been the December scene at my mom and dad's house...


Six stockings for their six kids. They were always filled on Christmas morning with goodies. They were knit by my great-great step-grandma. (My great-great grandma had passed away.)

These Christmas stockings are a constant in my Christmas memories.


About a month ago I came across a pattern for an awesome looking crocheted Christmas stocking and realized that all these years mom and dad have hung stockings for all six of their kids but they have never had Christmas stockings of their own.

I bet you can guess what I got to work on. :)

Mom and Dad now have their own Christmas stockings.


I have to admit that I like them so much that I am thinking I need to make them for me, Mike and the kids... for next year. It's too late for this year.

Do you fill stockings with gifts? What kind of things do you put in them?

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