Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Replacing Memories

My Grandpa built a greenhouse and a business. It was big. I worked there as a kid... and a teenager... and a college student. You would think that I would know something about plants and keeping them alive... I don't.

Anyways... I bring this up for a reason.

The flower of Christmas.


I spent a lot of time working on poinsettias in that greenhouse. Summer months spend replanting cuttings so that they could grow in to more plants. Transplanting the small plants into bigger pots. Arranging three or four plants together to make a massive plant. Poinsettias... all. the. time.

I eventually decided that I hated them. I swore I would never have one in my house.

Fast forward to last Saturday... and I now have one in my house. And I am realizing it isn't quite as bad as I thought it would be.

How did I end up with a poinsettia?
My wonderful neighbor invited all the little girls in the neighborhood to a tea party. The moms were invited too. Wonderful Neighbor had gifts for everyone and the moms went home with a poinsettia. At first I was all "oh my gosh! Now I have to keep a poinsettia!" I didn't know if I could handle it. But I set it on my table and within about a half hour it grew on me. I started to like it... and think that it was actually kind of pretty. And it made a great Christmas centerpiece for the table.

I was confused!

How did I ever start liking this thing!?!?!


And then it hit me... I used to always have not-so-great memories attached to the poinsettia plant. But now... now when I see it I don't think of all those years working with the sticky things... I think of my wonderful neighbor and the magical Christmas tea party.

I have replaced old memories with a new one and that new memory has changed my attitude toward the plant.

Maybe I'll even buy one for myself next year.

Maybe... first I have to see if I can keep this one alive for at least a few days.

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