Saturday, December 27, 2014

So This is Christmas...

I have to say that I think this was my favorite one yet! Liza and Jason... 8 and almost 7... such fun ages!

We don't do Santa (and don't care if you do!) so they knew that all the gifts came form us. They had small lists (thanks to no cable which means no commercials to tell them what they think they need!) and got most things that they wanted.

They waited for Christmas morning with great anticipation, reminding us up to the last minute that they REALLY wanted radios. At 7:30 on Christmas morning they came running into our room ready to go!

The excitement on their faces as they opened their presents was worth all the long lines in the stores. They took their time with each gift, checking out what they got, seeing what the other one opened and always saying "thanks mom and dad!!" 

I loved every moment of it... Their joy our reward.

But my favorite moment was when I asked them what their favorite gift was and Jason stood and pointed up. Jesus. He remembered what it is all really about.

I'm not always a huge fan of Christmas... but I have to admit that I love the memories that were made with this one!!!






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