Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Food... Restrictions and Freedom

I've been on a healthy eating plan since December 29. It started with the Whole30 and then I started reintroducing foods to see how each one affected me. I have found that dairy and gluten aren't the best things for me. This past week I introduced non-gluten grains (think rice, corn chips, etc) and legumes. The non-gluten grains didn't give me any trouble. Legumes were kind of split. Peanut butter bloated me and gave me a headache and phlegm. I'll be passing on that from now on. The beans weren't really a problem. At least not in small doses.

I want to continue the food experiment and never stop paying attention to how foods impact my life. I want to stick with foods that don't have a negative impact and avoid the rest.

Yesterday, while thinking about food, I had a light bulb moment.

I have not had sweets since December 29... except for the day I reintroduced dairy and had a small bowl of ice cream. I have not had crackers or chips. I have gone to parties and passed on pizza and cake. I have done many things that in the past had me thinking I could never do that!

I have found that I CAN.
And I like knowing that I can.
And I like how I feel when I do go without those things.

In fact, I like it so much that I never want to go back.

Some might think it's restricting to not allow myself the sweets and breads and PEANUT BUTTER! Pizza and ice cream! What does one do without these things in their life? Restricting leads to binging right?


I have found that I do not feel restricted when I cut out these foods that have a negative impact on my health. Instead... it is those very foods that restrict me from living life to the fullest. Those foods that I thought I couldn't live without?? I'm living so much better without them.

The bloating, headaches, impact on moods and pms, anxiety, tiredness, achy joints, etc. that came with those foods are all things that hold me back. They hold me back from self-confidence... from living. Those foods cause me to feel restricted.

I'm done living with restrictions because of food.
I am loving the freedom that comes with good food choices!

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