Monday, February 9, 2015

Life Lately...

Sometimes I don't write because I'm afraid I'll say things that I later regret. Last week was one of those weeks. It is sometimes better to just be quiet than try to share what I'm feeling or experiencing. But life is still happening and life has been, for the most part, good. :)

Here are some kinda sorta recent happenings...

We have had a bit of snow and the kids really enjoy getting to go outside and play for hours!



Liza and Jason have this "game" they like to play. Every night we tuck them in bed and go back downstairs. Not long after, we hear their footsteps. They like to go into our room and steal our pillows. They especially like one that Mike has because it is big... two old pillows stuffed into one pillowcase. One night we went to get our pillows back and found Liza like this...


She thought that if she fell asleep on it that she would be able to keep her dad from getting it back. Silly girl. :)

Jason's bedroom is the only room in the house without a heat vent. He says he needs a heater in there because he gets cold. Perhaps he wouldn't get so cold if he actually used his blankets!!


Jason really loves to use his "pretty please" face... what he doesn't realize is that it will never have the desired effect that he hopes for. The only response I can find is laughter. Every. Single. Time.


Liza isn't much better at it...



And the biggest news we've had recently... which you've already seen in some photos above... Liza got glasses! She put them on at the store and said "ahhhhh!" She loved being able to see again. And I think she looks absolutely adorable with her glasses!



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