Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Date With My Son

One morning last week, shortly after I woke up and headed downstairs, Jason told me there was a note for me on the fridge. He has a dry erase board and we leave messages for each other from time to time. This one said...

I love you mom. You are my favorite garl (girl). Do you want to go on a date?

How could I say no to that sweetness!!! So we put it in our plans and had to wait for Saturday to arrive.

Jason is always practicing sentences in school. From time to time he'll come home with one on the back of a worksheet he had to do. He was pretty proud of this one...


I'm saving it.

Saturday finally came and Jason took me out to dinner at the pizza shop that just opened on the corner... no more than a five minute walk from our house. We've been waiting for it to open for about two years now! He held my hand as we walked and he insisted on keeping the money in his pocket so that he could pay.


Jason is such a sweetheart. He's thoughtful and kind and I love going on dates with him! Snuggling in the booth. Silly faces. Giggles. It's the best!

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