Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bald Eagle Live Cam

We have been watching a Bald Eagle nest through the PA Game Commission's website. They have put together a team to bring us live feed of the eagles. There are two eggs and they expect them to hatch this weekend!

We tune into the live feed several times a day. Sometimes all we see is an eagle sitting on the eggs but once in a while we catch something much more exciting... like the second eagle flying to the nest with dinner! That was kind of a gross experience to watch but we watched it anyways while saying "ewwww" an awful lot.

We can't wait for the babies to hatch and we are excited to watch how the mom and dad eagles take care of their kids.

The following are screen shots from the live feed...

Fullscreen capture 382015 64820 PM
Fullscreen capture 3172015 85550 AM

Fullscreen capture 3102015 43500 PM

You can tune in and watch on the Pennsylvania Game Commision's website. We will definitely be watching and waiting this weekend as the expected hatch date arrives!

I also came across another live cam on another eagle nest but if you trouble with  motion sickness you won't enjoy this one on a windy day. You can check out this nest HERE. This eagle couple lost one of their eggs a few days ago but the one that remains has an expected hatch date to happen next week.

In the meantime we are looking up some facts about bald eagle... and learning things like they can have up to a 9 foot wingspan! These birds are HUGE!

Tune in! It's fun!

All images courtesy of Pennsylvania Game Commission.

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