Monday, March 9, 2015

Louisiana Vacation - LSU and Other Randomness

After the cold temperatures we had been having here in PA it was soooo nice to be somewhere where I could go outside without the bulkiness of winter clothing. Sunshine and warmth!!! It really made me miss spring.

When I arrived it was a cold and rainy 40 degrees. But it just got better from there. The next two days were in the 50s and the ones after that were closer to 70. It was heavenly!!


It was supposed to rain several of the days but we never had any problems with the weather. Because it was so nice I insisted that we do things outside... because I am tired of being inside all the time.

After eating out for lunch on Sunday I begged Melissa and Brad to do something OUTSIDE. We ended up going to LSU. It is a beautiful campus. We played with my camera (Mel fell in love with mine and often left hers at home) and got to visit Mike the tiger.

I loooove Louisiana trees! (I watched a movie the other night and thought to myself that sure looks like Louisiana. It was. The trees gave it away!) 











I also enjoyed having meals outside!



We had breakfast at a place called the Whistle Stop. I'm pretty sure that if I lived near it it would quickly become my place to go when I needed to relax.


Thankfully things are starting to warm up and thaw out here in PA. It was actually around 50 degrees yesterday and the kids played outside for hours. I look forward to getting to spend more and more time outside!

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