Sunday, March 8, 2015

Louisiana Vacation - The People

One of my favorite things about my trip to visit Melissa was FINALLY getting to meet her people! For ten years Melissa has been talking about her people, sharing stories and photos. I loved spending time with these people, hearing their voices and learning their personalities. The stories that Melissa shares will now be so much more interesting. :)

Let's start with Brad...


Brad is Melissa's husband. I love their story of how their families have known each other forever and the two actually dated for a while... with about a ten year break up before getting back together and getting married. I remember emailing with Melissa when Brad called her out of the blue and they had gone out on a few dates. It's been so fun to be a witness of their relationship. :) When I arrived at the house with Melissa I was pretty out of it because I had just been sick on the plane, had a little bit of puke on my jeans and was trying really hard to get my head to settle before trying to walk into the house.

After years of hearing stories about Brad it was kind of shocking to actually hear his voice! I really enjoyed getting to know him and honestly... I don't know that I've ever met a more perfectly matched couple!


I also got to meet both sides of the family... who I am now going to refer to as my southern family. I have been invited to go back and bring Mike and the kids along with promises of places for all of us to stay. I checked mapquest and found it's only about an 18 hour drive. We just might all have to go some day!


We had all gone out to eat on Sunday after church to celebrate Melissa's birthday but I had actually met all of them already except for Mel's sister and brother-in-law.

Miss Cheryl is Brad's mom and she had invited us over for dinner the day after I arrived. She made gumbo and it was delicious!!


Brad's sister Jamie... who I love. We are totally friends now. Well... at least I decided we are. :)


Miss Donna is Melissa's mom. She made breakfast for us one morning and I enjoyed visiting with her and her husband on their beautiful sun porch. Miss Donna is a fantastic interior decorator and I'll be asking for her advice when I get around to doing something with my floors and decorating my walls and upgrading my furniture. Her house was like walking into a magazine!!


Melissa hosted a girls' night so I could meet even more of her people. I just love her friends. They are all so sweet and I enjoyed spending a few hours with them.


And then there is Fievel... Brad and Melissa's dog. Everyone pretty much knows that I am not a dog person but when in someone else's house... if they have a dog I roll with it. Me and Fievel basically made a deal to tolerate each other for the week. :)


Last... Melissa. :) The best friend I've ever had. She knows when to listen and when to offer advice. She accepts me as I am and challenges me to be better. She knows my heart and encourages me. She knows me. I look forward to many more visits with her in the years to come!



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