Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Making Afghans

It's no secret that I LOVE to crochet. I find the monotonous rhythm of a simple pattern to be very relaxing. Hats are my favorite thing to make because I like that I can make one in two or three hours and be done. I like the feeling of accomplishment that comes with the completed project.

Hats are a gazillion times faster to make than afghans.The HOURS that afghans take. So. many. hours. And usually when I'm about 1/4 of the way into it I start thinking what was I thinking!!! But then I keep going... because I have to since I already purchased enough yarn to finish it and I can't just stop once I've started. Then I hit about 3/4 of the way to completion and I get really excited because in the end it is always worth it to make an afghan.

My latest afghan was made as a gift for my friend Melissa. :)

She bought a house back in October and on the day that she closed I decided I should make an afghan as a house warming gift. I knew that she was decorating her home in grays and turquoise-ish colors so I picked out my yarn and got to work. Then life happened and I had to put it off for a while. Then I planned a trip to go visit her and would be there over her birthday so I HAD to get it finished.

I finished up the afghan about two weeks before heading to Louisiana and then started wondering if I would actually be able to part with it! I am in love with this afghan and I'm pretty sure I need to make one for myself.

I didn't have room to pack it so I mailed it to arrive while I was there. It was so much fun being able to be present when she got it in the mail! And I'm glad I decided that I could actually give it away instead of keeping it for myself.


I love the simple lines and texture.


The colors work perfectly in her home.


It's my favorite afghan yet! (I've made four large ones so far... all of them different... this one the best.)

And Melissa loves it!


If you crochet and want to try this one out you can find the PATTERN HERE.

My yarn stash is getting out of control so I have told myself no more buying yarn until I use up most of what I have. I've been doing some knitting and am also working on a baby blanket. I need to work faster because it's really hard to not buy more yarn!

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