Monday, March 16, 2015

Teaching Kids to Deal With Their Own Problems

Every once in a while Liza and Jason will come home from school with a "problem". I could simply call their teachers or send an email and get things worked out for them. Or... I can teach Liza and Jason how to deal with life on their own.

I always try to go with the second option because I like to parent with the future in mind. This means that since Liza and Jason will one day need to grow up, leave my house and do life on their own they will need to know how to deal with issues that come up. The easiest way to learn is by doing it... so I take the time to coach them on some different ideas and then send them of to deal with life.

Thankfully, the situations that have come up so far are simple ones, but regardless of how simple they are I am proud of my kids for dealing with them.


1. Earlier this year Liza came home from school and told me that she kept getting in trouble because her seat was next to one of her good friends and they kept talking when they weren't supposed to. I could have asked Liza's teacher to move her seat so she stopped getting in trouble but instead I had a good conversation with Liza. With a little guidance she came up with the idea of asking her teacher herself to move seats. She went into school the next day and did just that and stopped getting in trouble for talking to her friend.

2. Jason wanted to start AR. When Liza was in 1st grade last year she had been doing AR for months at this point. Jason's class has not started. He has been working soooo hard on his reading and there is one girl in the class who takes AR tests. He would come home every day saying he wanted to do AR at school so I finally said, "Why don't you talk to your teacher about it?" He went into school the next day, told his teacher he wanted to do AR and he has been doing it ever since!

Hopefully Liza and Jason will continue to learn to ask their own questions and solve their own problems. It's a necessary life skill.

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