Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thoughts on Slavery


While I was in Louisiana we visited Rosedown and Nottoway plantation homes. I loved the beauty of both of these places but in the back of my mind lingered the thought these lands once held people captive.

There was a little bit of an inner struggle going on. How can I walk this place and be amazed by its beauty when it was built as a place where the owners thrived on slave labor? It's impossible for me to not think of that time... the history... the horror... when visiting a plantation.

But then I realized that it truly is a beautiful thing... because when we walk those grounds we no longer see slaves. These plantation homes and grounds are beautiful because they now stand as a symbol of change... of victory... of freedom.

And then I am brought back to the present time where I am reminded that slavery still exists.


Every day far too many women and children are being sold for sex.
They are held captive.
They see very little of the money they make... if any at all.
They are abused...
Victims of modern day slavery.

It's our turn to stand up and continue the fight for freedom for all. 

I'm going to list some resources and hopefully you can find a moment to check some of them out. Awareness and information are the first steps.

This statement is from the book The Slave Next Door...
"Through our ignorance and worse yet, our lack of interest, we enable slavery. Unless we heed the wake-up call, slavery will continue to spread. Our children are also endangered by a different, subtler threat--apathy. Kids learn from their parents, and if noninvolvement is what we teach, by word or example, then that is exactly what they will learn and how they will live."

More books:
Renting Lacy
Somebody's Daughter

I have at least one of the books on kindle and the others I have a hard copy of. Let me know if you want to borrow one... or all of them.

Facebook pages for several organizations that fight human trafficking:
Destiny Rescue
She Rescue Home
End It
Girls Are Not For Sale (I LOVE my sweatshirt that I bought from this organization.)

Pittsburgh local: Living in Liberty

Destiny Rescue (linked above) also gives you the opportunity to host a jewelry party. The jewelry is made by survivors and the money goes back to helping them earn a living. I hosted a jewelry party a few months ago and it is very simple... you send an email and sign up for a date. They send you a box of jewelry. You sell it (take it to work, have a party, etc), collect the money and then mail the money and unsold jewelry back to them.

If you have an article, book or organization that you know of that deals with human trafficking please share it in the comments.

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