Tuesday, April 14, 2015



I love butterflies.

It probably has something to do with the fact that my grandpa was a butterfly collector. He had an amazing collection and I always loved looking through them when I was a kid... and an adult. I'm pretty sure I remember catching butterflies with my grandpa too.

When I think of butterflies I am reminded of my grandpa.
When I think of my grandpa I am reminded of butterflies.
They just go together.



A few weeks ago, one of the crochet designers that I buy patterns from began talking about how she lost her daughter three years ago. Her daughter would have turned 8 in a few days and every year she celebrates her daughter's birthday with a yarn bombing. This year she chose butterflies and asked for help.

Combine my love of butterflies, love of crochet, the opportunity to participate in something really great and my commitment to use up my yarn stash before buying more yarn... I was in. And I found out it was really fun to make butterflies. They were quick and it felt good to be using up my yarn scraps and finishing butterflies one after another. (It feels REALLY good to finish a crochet item and since I've been working on a baby blanket it was awesome to be able to bust out a bunch of butterflies in a short amount of time.)

I mailed my butterflies on Saturday and I look forward to seeing pictures of #brynsbutterflies flying.





Saturday night I had some friends over for a Paint 'n Party. I met Sara at one of my scarf parties two winters ago and she told me how she had taken something she loved and started having parties as well. I am not an artist. I am creative but not artistic. Painting is really far out of my comfort zone but I knew I had to try it. We were finally able to get something scheduled and I chose to do butterflies... because it's spring... and who doesn't love a butterfly!?

I was nervous but the step-by-step instruction was great! It was so much fun to try something new and actually have it turn out pretty decent for not being an artist. 


Sara... showing us how it's done.

And thanks to Sara for the following photos...



There is just something about butterflies...

I love butterflies!

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