Thursday, April 9, 2015

Why Whole30

I've mentioned Whole30 a few times now. It's an eating plan that is designed to help your body recover from overloading it with things that are not good for it. And then helps you identify foods that are a problem for you. It's a reset... an eating plan that lets your body get back to a normal state of functioning. A plan that allows your body to heal.

Whole30, when done right, becomes an experiment. It's different for everyone and I am still experimenting with food and its affects on my body... and my mind!

Before I go on let me just say that I am not receiving anything for promoting the Whole30. In fact, the Whole30 people have no idea who I am. I'm promoting it simply because I believe in it. Because I have had great results and learned some amazing things about my relationship with food that are changing my life.

I know there are a lot of programs and products out there that tell you that you can lose a bunch of pounds in a few weeks time and have tons of energy again. If that's the way you choose to go then good for you! I'm glad it's working for you. :)  But that wasn't for me. Why? Because I don't think those special (and in my opinion, too expensive for my budget) drinks and programs would not have taught me what Whole30 did.

Whole30 taught me:
-gluten gives me headaches
-I CAN kick the sugar and carb addiction
-dairy gives me stomach issues
-when I eat the right-for-me foods my hormones don't give me as much trouble
-dairy is the reason for my achy hips and knees
-dairy is my enemy
-I sleep better when I eat right-for-me
-food is the cause of my mind fog
-I don't have to live life bloated
-I CAN say no to food
-peanut butter (or peanuts) doesn't agree with me like I thought it did
-I can learn how to eat right-for-me
-I can continue eating right-for-me long term

I'm sure I'll learn more as I continue my experiment with food. The past three months have been eye-opening.

I have also officially hit the 20 pounds lost mark! The only thing I did to lose those 20 pounds (in three months) was to change the way I eat. I have not exercised at all. (That doesn't mean I don't believe exercise is good for you... it is! And I do plan to add some in eventually.)

Whole30 is changing my life and I am liking the changes!!

I have several friends who have done, are starting or are planning to start the Whole30 soon. The hardest part is that first time out shopping when you have to read all the labels and find products that are Whole30 compliant. The second hardest part is coming up with meals. Over the next few weeks I plant to put together a few posts with the things I have learned along the way... products and what stores to find them in and recipes and tips for each meal throughout the day. I am finding that I am sharing this stuff over and over as friends continue to ask about Whole30 so I figure I might as well put it all in one place.

The best thing about Whole30, in my opinion, is that I didn't have to join anything. I didn't have to pay anyone to be able to participate. I just had to do a little bit of research and go for it. I also don't have to continue the strict way of eating for my entire life. As I figure out what foods are ok for me and which ones aren't, I can expand my menu options and still maintain a healthy body.

I once was talking with my kids about Whole30 and why I was still trying to eat close to that way even though my 30 days were up when Jason made a great point. He said something along the lines of "Instead of Whole30 it's WholeLIFE!" And he's right.

Why Whole30?
Because it taught me about food and how my body reacts to it... but it is also something that I can adapt and use FOR LIFE.

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