Friday, May 15, 2015

Project Use Up All My Yarn

I love yarn.
You could possibly say I have an addiction.
I buy it often.

But I haven't bought any for a few months.

I realized that I have far too much yarn and decided to take this summer to use up all my yarn... or most of it. The stuff I use to make hats doesn't need to get used up but all this other random yarn does... because it's starting to take over my house!

I've been enjoying making new and different things, finding patterns and trying things out. Here are some things I've made...



(This blanket measures 42x33 inches and it is for sale. $55)

I made a case for my kindle.



These mason jars became part of a gift to our teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week.

 jar cover 1

I filled them with Hershey Kisses, markers, a gift card and some flowers.

 jar covers

I made these butterflies for someone I buy patterns from. Her daughter passed away a few years ago and every year on her daughter's birthday she does a yarn bombing. This year she asked for help making butterflies and then hung them from trees at a park where her daughter had loved to play.



And lastly for today... I love making home made gifts for friends who are having babies. I made these bibs to go with a gift for the last shower I went to. I think they turned out pretty cute!

bib 2

bib 1

bib 3

If you like seeing what I make you can follow along on my Wix-Works page. I don't post as often during the nice months but I've been sharing things as I make them. :)

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