Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Time to Mourn

We have had a serious issue affecting our town this past year. I have mentioned before that the school board and administration were pushing for a fast and massive consolidation of our schools along with a reconfiguration of grades. Our school is on the list of schools to be closed. The vote has passed and the only thing left that needs to happen is for the plans to be approved by the PA Department of Education. Tomorrow will likely be the last day of public school in that building... ever.

My heart is breaking. 

Many of you will remember that when we began looking for a house to buy we ran into a lot of opposition from well meaning people. They warned us not to move to that neighborhood. They warned us not to send our kids to that school. They said those kids are trouble. It wouldn't be a good place for our kids, for our family.

We bought our house on Liza's first day of Kindergarten...
...Our house in that neighborhood, directly across the road from that school where all those kids go.

We went into it with an open mind and the goal of showing others the good that we found.

We love our neighborhood, and one of the main reasons we love it so much is because we also love our school, the teachers, and all the kids who go there. The teachers are amazing. Other families have become our friends. And the kids... they add so much richness to my life.

I live in a unique community.
There are a lot of people.
There is a lot of diversity.
But we are like one big family... dysfunction and all.
The school is what brings us all together.

When our school is closed, our neighborhood will change. Our community will never be the same as what it is now.

This has not been easy for me.
I have cried.
My kids have cried.

I like change but this is a hard one for me because I don't believe it is a positive change for many reasons. People say I should just embrace it... I can not.

I can not embrace the change, because first I must grieve.

To grieve means to feel great sorrow and that really describes where my emotions are at right now. We are losing so much. Yes, we will adjust because that's the kind of people we are, but I need to do it in my own way. I can't fully move forward until I deal with the present.

And that is going to take some time.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: 
a time to weep, and a time to laugh, a time to mourn, and a time to dance.
Ecclesiastes 3:1,4

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