Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Empty, yet full.

I sit down to write but come up empty... which is strange because my heart and my mind are not empty at all.

Life has been difficult.

I feel like I'm caught in an emotional tornado and just want it to stop.
Rumors, drama, hurtful words. People hurting me, people hurting my kids.
Dreams ending.
When does the crazy end?

I'm in a strange place because I'm happy and content, yet I have all this emotional turmoil due to situations in my life that I have no control over.

So... instead of trying to force things in writing... here's some pictures. :)

We went to the Memorial Day Parade (which was forever ago) with friends. Fun times.


We then had a cookout/picnic in my small, cozy backyard with more friends.



Friends make life more fun. :)

And speaking of my small, cozy yard... I bought myself a new lawnmower.


My kids enjoyed cutting the grass for the first time today.

I also bought fire extinguishers. It was way past time. I should have had them all along... and since I didn't, I should have bought them after my one friend had an electrical fire in her house... but I didn't. However, the day another friend had an electrical fire was the day I FINALLY went and bought my fire extinguishers.

100_4385 1

We celebrated this guys birthday. He's my baby fix.


And we had a really cool day at school called Relay Recess. The kids raise money all year to go toward cancer a research and awareness and the finish off with a day of fun. They had an area where there was always someone walking laps (think relay for life on a smaller scale) as well as several other fun activities. The firemen were a highlight of the day. The kids loved getting to use the hose.






So yeah... Hard situations mixed in with good, fun times. And we have more fun coming up. Thursday is the last day of school and we like to celebrate that with friends. Then on Friday me and the kids are heading out on our first road trip of the summer. We'll be going to Maryland to visit my sister and her family. Hopefully the kids survive the five hour trip... the longest they have been in the car before is two hours.

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