Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Last Day of School Party

Last year I began a new tradition. I had decided to have a Last Day of School Party and it went so well and was so much fun that I told the kids we would do it every year!

Last Thursday was the last day of school with a 12:00 dismissal. We all picked our kids up from school and headed to the park to party!!

I like to keep things simple so I offered to make sloppy joes and asked everyone else to bring a dish. A friend helped me decorate our pavilion while the kids were at school with some very simple decorations. Adding color made it feel more festive and fun! I decided to have it at the park so I wouldn't really have to plan the fun... the kids could just all play.
We ate good food, had good conversation and the kids had a great time!


It was a super hot day so I filled up a bin with water and water guns from the dollar store (thank you Pinterest for the idea) and I also filled up a cooler with popsicles. The kids ate them all... an entire cooler full of popsicles.



I wanted to do a party favor and after a day of thinking I came up with this...


We have a Little Free Library and I have a stash of books in my attic. I grabbed a bunch of books and made up the favors and told the kids to take one of each. Most of them were actually pretty excited about getting to pick a book!




Of course, no party is really a party without some photo fun. :)
(These photo props came from the Walmart party section and were pretty cheap.)





Good times!
Good friends!

Can't wait to do it again next year!!!

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