Thursday, June 11, 2015


In first grade Liza did NOT like to read. It was a struggle every evening to get her to read her book for homework. It took a while for it to all click for her and the way her perfectionism works is that she wants to be able to do something well on the first try. If it is a struggle, she gives up.

Reading was a struggle.

I made a deal with her over the summer that if she read a certain number of books she would get a prize. She read books. A lot of them. But I could never get her to read out loud to me.

I was shocked when she brought her first book home for homework and read through it without a problem. Her work over the summer paid off! She grew so much as a reader.

Around Christmastime Liza went from liking reading to loving reading. She now reads all the time. She reads her homework books and she reads books just for fun. She reads and loves it!

When Liza came home with this award I was surprised and so proud!!


Our school uses the Accelerated Reader program. The kids read a book and then take a test on the computer. Books have a point value and how well they do on the test determines if the get the full value or not.

Liza had the most points in her class.

Liza really worked hard at reading. She earned this award and my heart soared when I saw it! Her hard work and dedication paid off.

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