Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Little Garden and a Green Thumb!!

I'm not real good at growing things. They tend to die on me.


I have a garden and it's doing really well!! I'm pretty excited!

We don't have a lot of land... about a tenth of an acre to be exact... and our house is on that tenth of an acre. Our yard is small. Very small. And half of it doesn't even grow grass so there is no point in trying to plant other things there. The places where we do get sun are limited, but I've managed to put in a little garden and I'm loving it!


In my front yard I have beans, lettuce and dill in window boxes. I also have two pepper plants in pots. The amount of peppers coming on those plants is ridiculous! I counted earlier and there is almost 20 of them started! Pretty soon I will be putting peppers on everything.




We used to have some kind of perennial flower thing along the fence in my backyard but that is one of the few places that gets enough light to grow something. So I took out the perennials and grew some more food.

Along the fence I have lettuce that did extremely well, some more pepper plants that aren't doing so great, snap peas that didn't do real well (most likely because I didn't give them something to grow up until they had already grown a bit), and tomatoes that are doing awesome! In fact, I'm pretty sure that the cherry tomato plant thinks it's a tree.


So yeah... it's a small garden but it's growing and we are getting food from it! And I already have plans on how to make it a little bigger and a little better next summer. It takes some creativity, but I think I have it under control.

And the beans! Why are beans so much better when you grow them than when you buy them from the store? We will probably only get enough beans from my little garden for two meals. I definitely need to plant more next year.

So there ya go! Beans, lettuce, tomatoes, snap peas, dill and peppers... that's what has been growing in my little garden lately.

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