Friday, July 17, 2015

Allegheny River Trail - Rockdale Tunnel

It's no secret that my family and bikes go together. It's a tight squeeze, but we can fit all four bikes into the back of our van and still fit all of us. Eventually we will need a bike rack. I think we'll look into that as soon as we buy a new van so that we can take our bikes everywhere we go.


We have had a rainy summer, so we like to take full advantage of the nice days. Last Saturday was one of the nice days. I told Mike to pick a trail and we packed up the van and headed out. We drove about 45 minutes to Emlenton, PA, where we were able to get on the Allegheny River Rails to Trails.

Last summer we started at a different point on the trail and rode to the Kennerdale Tunnel. This time our goal was to make it from our start point to the Rockdale Tunnel. It was six miles of nice, easy riding along the river to get to the Rockdale Tunnel where we turned on our lights and rode for a 1/2 mile in cold darkness.

I have to say, it's really strange driving through a tunnel. It makes me forget how to keep my balance and I find myself wobbling all over the place. But we all managed even though it was really hard to see. Small flashlights really don't do much in total darkness.

If you live near Emlenton, I highly recommend this trail! It's beautiful. It's easy. It's relaxing. Just don't forget your lights!

To get there... Take PA-38 to Emlenton. (Exit 42 if you take I-80.)
Continue toward Emlenton.
Take a left on Main St. after crossing the bridge and go to the end where you will find parking and a port-o-potty.

If you are really adventurous you can keep going after you go through the Rockdale Tunnel and ride another 7 miles to the Kennerdale Tunnel. I can't wait till the kids are a little older and can handle a 26 mile round trip so we can do that ride!












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