Friday, July 24, 2015

Butler's Farmer's Market

We live just a few blocks from the Farmer's Market but for some reason it took me almost three years to actually check it out.

Two weeks ago we finally remembered about it and went.


There were about ten stands both times. Lots of garden produce. Pretty sure someone was selling meat and eggs. Oh! And quail eggs?? Baked goods. Goat milk fudge... which I really need to try one of these times to see if my stomach handles goat milk better than cow milk.

We have been buying cucumbers, zuchinni and beans. Good food! Good prices! And the cucumbers are HUGE!!



I've been making cucumber water.
And zucchini bread.
And just slicing the cucumbers and topping with tuna.

Farmer's Market in the City of Butler... it's where we've been buying our produce lately!

205 S. Chestnut St.
Open Saturdays from 8-1.
Check it out!

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