Monday, July 13, 2015

Chuck - On Netflix

We love us some Netflix!!

Last Friday we watched the last episode of Chuck. Sad times. :( I miss it already!

When I first read the description for Chuck, I wasn't sure what I would think about it.

Computer geek Chuck Bartowski becomes the government's most vital spy after unwittingly downloading sensitive, top-secret data into his brain. 

Computer geek?
Downloading info into his brain??

Sounded pretty dorky so I was pleasantly surprised when we watched the pilot and immediately fell in love with the show and watched another episode... and then another.

I loved the characters. All of them.
And I loved that the show always had me cracking up! The humor was just my kind and I love it when a show makes me laugh out loud, often. It was a great stress reliever at the end of our days. It also gave me warm fuzzies. I would say it's definitely more of a love story than anything else.

For the past several weeks we have watched the characters grow and mature. And in the end... the finale was so perfect! It left me completely satisfied and I'm pretty sure that at one point I even yelled "YES!" while throwing a fist pump in the air. It was just too good!

I wish there was more than five seasons because I'm pretty sure that it is my favorite show ever. I already plan on watching it again in a year or two.

It was always happy times watching Chuck.

And that's what I've been Netflixing lately!

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