Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jennings - Celebrate the Bloom

We were looking for something a little more laid back than our usual for Saturday and found Celebrate the Bloom at Jennings Environmental Education Center. We have been to Jennings plenty of times for hiking but we had never been to Celebrate the Bloom.

We are glad we went. :)


It was ridiculously hot out but we still enjoyed our time. We started our day there by watching a demonstration on how bee keepers extract honey from the hives. They gave us a taste of the fresh honey at the end and OH MY! I could drink that stuff!

After that we went on a walk to learn about the different flowers and plants that grow at Jennings. Liza and Jason were surprisingly really into it.



After learning about the flowers, we joined the insect walk for a little bit. Liza loves nature and has been really into catching critters lately, so she was also loving this hike. She learned some new things... like there is a bug that flies around and just likes to eat people's sweat... or something like that. When we were eating lunch I was swatting this bug away from me and Liza said, "Mom, it JUST wants your sweat." Well gee Liza... sorry that I don't love bugs all over my face! :)


We checked out the vendors and bought some goods, and then we found our way to the music where we sat, snacked, and relaxed for a while. If we hadn't had evening plans, I think we would have stayed all day. Good music in the woods... hard to find a better way to spend the day!

We really loved Celebrate the Bloom! If you are in the area and see signs for it next summer make sure to check it out! Jennings is just up Route 8 North. Turn onto 528 just before the Old Stone House. But don't wait till next summer to check the park out! There are lots of trails and it's a great place to hike with the kids!

Hiking, flowers, bugs, outdoor life... it's what my family has been up to lately.










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