Monday, July 27, 2015

Moraine State Park Bike Trail

When the kids were at camp, me and Mike decided to do a bike trail that we didn't want to take the kids on yet... Moraine Bike Trail.


The bike trail is on the North Shore exit and you can start at the Bike Concession... where you can also rent a bike if you don't have one.

The trail is a little over 7 miles long... one way. You can park a second car at the other end, but what's the fun in that!?

The day we went was a hot day and after the first two miles I was certain I was going to die on the way back. We have been riding the rail trails and they are pretty flat and straight. The bike trail at Moraine is different... bends and curves and hills. And it seemed like we went downhill for the first two miles. But we kept going.


It was a really nice trail with great views along the way. It was also a nice change from the easy rail trails. Mike enjoyed the hills and curves and made his boy fast car noises along the way. :)


This is us at the beginning... ready to go.


This is us at the end... when we had to turn around and go back and I was dreading all the hills I would have to go up.


But the trail is deceiving. I thought it was going to be a torturous uphill ride on the way back but it wasn't. It was pretty balanced. Just as much uphill and downhill as the opposite direction.



We definitely enjoyed this trail! We are by no means serious bike riders and it took us approximately 45 minutes each way. We decided that we would take the kids on this trail once they had bikes that had gears... because we don't want to have to ride it without gears.

At one point Mike said, "My gears are getting a workout!" When we ride the rail trails there is no need to shift gears. It was a good workout for us!

Biking... it's what we have been doing lately. :)


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