Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Camp


A few months ago Liza and Jason came home from church excited, and Jason exclaimed, "I'm going to go to camp mom!"

I figured I better look into camp and figure out some details.
Blast Camp at Jumonville.
5 days/4 nights.
$300 per kid.

Whew! It was a lot to process.
Could they handle it?
Could I handle it!?
Did we have the funds?

After some conversations with the kids we decided to let them go. They had some money in savings and each paid for half of their cost to go. I wanted them to put their own money in it, because I wanted them to own the decision. They were both a little nervous, and I knew that if they paid their own way they would not back out when it got close.

We got them registered and then had months to wait for camp to get here.

Saturday night, the night before they left for camp, I was talking to Jason while tucking him in.

ME: I'm going to miss you Jason.
JASON: I know.
ME: I might get really bored without you guys here!
JASON: It will probably be like memories of school.
ME: Memories of school?
JASON: Yeah. You know how you drop us off in the morning and we come back home later. 'Cept we won't be coming home every day. And dad will be at work... *shoulder shrug* so it will be like memories of school.
ME: Oooh! It will be like when you guys are at school and I'm at home and have a whole lot of time by myself and have to figure out what to do?

It took me a minute, but I eventually realized what was happening. We had reversed roles. My sweet baby boy offered me comfort and gave me an example to relate to. He was telling me I would be fine and should just think of it like I do when they are at school.

I love him!

We woke up Sunday morning and finished with the last details of packing before going out for breakfast. While having breakfast I thought back to all my years of working at camps and gave them every bit of information I could think of... what to do if the shower is in your face, where to put your glasses to keep them safe, how to keep track of your stuff, where to hang your wet towels. We talked about everything and they loved mentally preparing for the week.

At 2:15 they loaded the buses and we said our final goodbyes.

I won't be talking to my kids until 4:30 on Thursday. I don't think I've ever gone more than 24 hours without talking to them. Already it is not easy, but thankfully the church is posting pictures and updates on facebook for us! And parents were given a schedule of what their kids would be doing this week, so I always know what activities my kids are enjoying. It helps. :)

I know they are having a blast. On the way to dropping them off, Liza said, "Can I go again next year!?" I suggested we all get through the week and then talk about it, but I bet they come home and immediately start making plans to make and save money to go again.

Because summer camp is awesome and it's what my kids are up to lately!


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