Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer Means Days at the Lake

We FINALLY made it to our favorite swimming spot! Yesterday we ventured over to Moraine Lake where the water was high and freezing due to all the rain, but we enjoyed it anyways.

As usual, we headed out early to beat the crowds... and this time to beat the rain as well.


We were desperately in need of a day of fun with just the three of us. It's been such a busy summer already and we have shared our days with friends and family, and we have enjoyed doing that. But yesterday, the three of us... it was a good reset. Sometimes you need to just go back to the core, to the most important people in life, to really refresh and relax. Yesterday was just that.

It was a bit cloudy but that didn't stop us.



It wasn't supposed to rain till later in the afternoon but a small shower surprised us early in the day. When it started raining the other parents made their kids find shelter. I put whatever I didn't' want to get wet in the van and decided to go swim with my kids. :) Logic was saying that we were there to get wet so it was silly to hide from water. It's not everyday you get to swim in the rain!


Eventually the sun came back out and warmed us all up again!

We swam.
We played in the sand.
We enjoyed our day!

Eventually we all got hungry and decided to eat lunch, and we also made the decision to head home after lunch because it was looking like more rain. Our timing worked out perfectly because it started to thunder as we were taking our last bites.

We actually had so much fun that we are off to do it again today... with friends this time. :)




I realized while looking through pictures that Liza and Jason make THE BEST faces when they are swimming. Enjoy. :)

My vampire.

He is also a zombie.

I wouldn't mess with him. :)





I hope you all are enjoying summer as much as we are!!

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