Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Liza and Jason are excited about traveling to other states. Last year they went to Ohio. This year they have been to Maryland and a few steps into Delaware. We plan to ride a bike trail from Pennsylvania into West Virginia before the weather gets too cold. And this weekend we are heading to New York to see Niagara Falls.

It's a summer of new-to-them states. They have a map and are coloring in all the states they visit.

Liza likes to brag that she has also been to Florida... because she has been... she just doesn't remember it without photos and me talking about it, because she was only 11 months old when we went.

But "contechnically" as Jason would say, he was there too... because he was... in my belly. I was only a few weeks pregnant with him.

The debate was once again happening in the car today, and I just let them go back and forth about it. Jason argues that "contechnically" he WAS in Florida and therefore should color it in on his map.

After some thought Liza said, "Well your soul was there, so I guess you were. You can color in Florida."

Body and soul... Jason was "contechnically" in Florida. But we'll have to take him back some day so he can SEE it while he is there. :)

A few photos from too many years ago when Liza (and Jason) went to Florida with me. :)

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