Monday, August 17, 2015


Ever since the discussion of our school closing started we had hoped it wouldn't really happen. But the school year went on and we had our last last day at our favorite school, with our favorite teachers and our bestest friends.

It was the end.

And now we approach a new beginning... and kids everywhere are nervous!!

Liza and Jason are nervous.
But the more we plan and prepare, the easier it is becoming for them.

We did a lot of back to school shopping and they love their new clothes so much that they are ready to go back to school.

They bought their new backpacks and lunch boxes and can't wait to use them. In fact, I had a meeting last week that they had to come along to, so they packed up their backpacks and pretended they were getting on the bus when they got in the van.

Getting ready for school makes them want to go a little more... even though it's not our favorite school that we get to go back to... even though some of their favorite teachers and bestest friends won't be there.

But we keep preparing and moving forward because there is no other option for us.

One thing that we have really been enjoying is making new friends. I have been planning play dates at our new school's playground and that's been fun. But once, we met up with a friend of mine and her girls at the lake.

It happened while they were playing in the sand.

FRIEND 1: Are you guys ready for school to start?
FRIEND 1: If I had to go to a new school I don't think I would be ready either.
LIZA: I really like my old school. It was fun!
FRIEND 2: Our school is really fun too.

It was a simple moment.
A sweet moment.
A moment that reassured me that even if we don't like it, all will be ok.


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