Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Niagara Falls, NY


When I asked for advice on where to stay and what to do at Niagara Falls, most people said I should go to the Canadian side. The views are great they said.

And I believe them! I was there once. Years ago. For a short, spontaneous trip. And I don't remember really enjoying the Canadian side. It felt really commercialized. Lots of shops and museums and things to do inside. It kind of felt like "look at the falls and then come on in and spend that money!"

So I really wanted to try the USA side this time. Plus, none of us has a passport so Canada wasn't even an option.

We drove the 3 1/2 hours and spent a few days visiting Niagara Falls, NY, and we. loved it!

I can understand why everyone says the view from Canada is amazing... it's because they get to look across the gorge and not only see the beautiful falls, but they also get to see beautiful America. When we look across to Canada it's all buildings and flashing lights. When they look across to America... they get to see the oldest state park we have.

The New York side of the falls is fantastic! There is so much to do and I feel like I need to go back sometime and do more things that we didn't get to this time.

And I was more than satisfied with the views!!

I'll be sharing more over the next week or so about our Niagara Falls, NY, mini vacation and hopefully I can convince you that the American side is the better side. :)

For now... Let's start with getting there...

I couldn't believe that it was only 3 1/2 hours away. An easy ride up some interstates. Liza and Jason were excited because they had never been to New York and this is the summer of visiting new states. We had a beautiful day for a drive and as we crossed the border between Pennsylvania and New York we blasted Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift... because why wouldn't we!?!?







That is the last picture with my sunglasses. I lost them. And no one turned them in anywhere. They are gone. I missed them so much that the day after I got home I went to Pearl Vision and reordered the same pair. I can't wait for them to come in!


We arrived at the hotel early evening and as always got the most important thing out of the way...



We were going to wait to go to the falls the following day but decided that we were only ten minutes away so why wait!

We made our way to Goat Island, found some parking and walked to where you can view the Canadian falls and were completely disappointed. It was a sad way to start out... they are doing a lot of construction and updating and whatever, and Terrapin Point was blocked off by a fence. We could kind of see the falls through it but we will have to go back in 2017 when the current projects are finished and we can get closer.


Even though that was a big let down, we didn't let it keep us down. We continued exploring Goat Island and were able to get up close to parts of the American rapids and falls.







We stayed until they turned the lights on, watched that for a little while and then finally headed back to the hotel for some sleep.



And that is day one of our trip!!

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