Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Panhandle Trail


We love riding our bikes and the kids love checking states of their list... so this past weekend we combined the two!

We loaded the van early and drove an hour and fifteen minutes to a place where we could jump on the Panhandle Trail and ride to West Virginia.

The Panhandle Trail is crushed limestone and it isn't nearly as shaded as trails we are used to. We were thankful for once that we had put sunscreen on and we were covered in dust by the time we were finished riding. It's the first time we hosed our bikes off after a ride.

Our ride started just a few miles from the state line. We stopped for some photos and then continued on about a mile and a half into West Virginia and then turned around. The first half of our ride was was downhill so that meant the 6 1/2 miles back were all uphill.

It was a tough ride but the kids pushed on and made it. They were completely exhausted at the end though. Mike and I both agree that we don't really need to ride this trail again. It was fun to do once but we have other trails that we enjoy so much more.

If you need to check West Virginia off your list, this is a fun way to do it.

The Panhandle Trail... it's where we've been riding lately.

Oh... Liza got a new bike!










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