Friday, August 7, 2015

Tree Houses and Apple Guns

Tonight at dinner Jason got a dreamy look in his eyes and said...

I want a tree house.

Mike said that he never had a tree house.
But I did.

I once had a tree house Jason.
A big one. Three stories. A room on top of a room on top of a room. 

With a balcony. That wasn't very safe. 
And when we were building it, one boy got hit with something in the head and had to jump on his four wheeler and fly home with blood running down his face. He needed stitches.
But we had a tree house.
It wasn't very sturdy or safe but we had a tree house and it was awesome!

And one time, when I slept out in the tent in the backyard, I snuck out and went to the tree house. 
(Hi Mom and Dad.)

The kids' eyes got real big and a smile started on their faces as they thought about sneaking out.

But that wasn't the right thing to do was it!?
My mom and dad trusted me and let me sleep outside and I wasn't very trustworthy.

And if they had found out they probably would have never let me sleep outside again! 
And you should never think about sneaking out here because it's a different kind of neighborhood and if you sneak out at night you'll run into the scary drug dealers. 

Kids nod heads.

Mike says, "I never did anything wrong. I was the perfect kid."
Liza and Jason didn't believe that for second... which led to him telling a story...

One time I found a farm and me and my friend had an apple gun. It's made with pvc pipe, like the thing that our water drains out of, and you could shoot apples from it. And we shot it at some cows. I hit one on the side and then I hit another one right in the forehead. Man did it jump!

Eyes get real big with excitement again.
And that's when I encouraged Mike to tell the rest of the story.

A few years later, I was driving by the farmer's house on the way to work and I felt like God really wanted me to stop and tell him what I did, apologize and ask for forgiveness. So I had to stop. It wasn't easy to do.

And that's when I chimed back in and let the kids know that even if no one else sees them doing something wrong, God sees them and he just might make you go apologize someday. So make sure you just keep on doing what is right.

Then I saw it on Jason's face.
The lightbulb moment.
And he says...

I know what I'm going to do when I grow up!!

What's that Jason?

I'm going to get a farm!
And some cows!
And an apple tree!
And an apple gun!!!!

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