Monday, August 24, 2015

Waterfalls of McConnell's Mill State Park


There is the waterfall at the end of Hell's Hollow. That's the one we usually go to.

But recently me and Mike took a hike to find the other three. They are marked on the park map and you can pick a map up at the restrooms.

We started by walking down the road, because I just love the massive rocks and we only ever take that road in the car. I wanted to be able to take the time to really take it all in.

When we got to the covered bridge we crossed it and picked up the trail that follows the creek. We walked that until we came to the next bridge that crosses the creek, crossed it, and worked our way back to the covered bridge. It was along this part of the trail that we found two waterfalls.

We then continued on the Alpha Pass trail, because the map said there was another waterfall that I didn't know was there... even though I've been going to McConnell's Mill State Park for about 15 years now. I should have checked the map out more closely much sooner than I did!

Alpha Falls was my favorite! It's at the very end (or beginning) of the trail. Part way up the hill we found a trail that went off to the side and I could hear the waterfall. It was beautiful! I loved it. I want to go back with the kids and show them all the waterfalls. Of course, we haven't had much rain so the falls are likely more of a trickle right now... so I'll wait until we get some good rain... or perhaps the spring after the snow melts. I want my kids to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature like I was able to. A trickle just won't do when it is supposed to be a waterfall. :)

Overall, we hiked about 4 miles that day.

We love McConnell's Mill... and that's where we've been hiking lately.






















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