Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Welcome to Laura Lately!

Previously known as A Hearty Overflow.
Same location, different name.

I've been wanting to change things up for a while now and about a month ago I posted all "Yay! I've just paid someone to work on a new design for me!"

And trust me... it would have been done a lot sooner if I hadn't been such a slacker. Erin was wonderful to work with. She was super patient when it took me FOREVER to get her some really simple information because summer kept happening and I just couldn't be bothered with the details of getting the blog design finished. I have a feeling she would have had it done in days if I had been on top of things. But like I said... she was patient throughout the process and worked with me until it was everything I wanted.

I love the end result!!! If you've been wanting a new design check out Designs by Erin... she's affordable, does great work and is great to work with!

I still need to work out a few kinks... like getting those social media buttons back that were at the end of every post. A lot of you liked that like button. :) And I seem to have lost all old comments in the transition but that's not super important. What matters is that I am up and running again and have been feeling inspired to write more of what's on my heart again.

But before I get to writing other posts...

Some of the changes are obvious but I want to point you to a few things...

I have updated all the tabs in the bar above.

All these buttons link directly to something. I do not have a Facebook page for my blog but I'd love to have you on my personal page where you can get even more updates on what I am up to lately or what is on my mind. I also always link my blog posts on my Facebook page and more conversation happens there than in the comments here. If you send a friend request and think I might not know who you are, just send me a message letting me know you are a blog reader.

The b with the heart is a link to bloglovin where you can follow and always get an update when I publish a new post.

And lastly, I'd like to thank my best friend Melissa (Little Mrs. Married). She was super helpful in the brainstorming phase of all of this and actually came up with the title Laura Lately and also wrote the little "intro blurb" for me. I'm so bad at writing those little blurbs about myself and I am so thankful to have a friend who summed me up perfectly on the first try! She knows me. :)

So it's a new look, a different title (more on that soon) but a lot of what goes on here will remain the same. 

I have a lot of things to share, including my trip to Niagara Falls, so I'm pretty sure I'll be double posting in some of the upcoming days.

And that's what is happening in my blog space lately!!

media buttons for post


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