Monday, September 14, 2015

Clothes are Wierd!

I lost 25 pounds since January so I need some new clothes that fit correctly. I started my shopping by spending some time browsing the internet this weekend, and today I went to some stores.


What happened to fashion????

I mean... I don't really have much fashion sense which is why you will typically see me in jeans and t-shirts. But really!! As I browsed the internet and stores I was having a really hard time finding anything I liked... anything I would actually wear!

I kept seeing things like dresses that would make me look like I threw on my lover's oversized flannel and walked out the door.

That isn't a dress! It's an extra long shirt. Toss on some leggings and add boots and maybe it can work. But it is not a dress.

TJ Maxx was an interesting store as well. The dresses in there looked like someone finally took down their curtains from the 70s and turned them into dresses. 

Old Navy needs to learn how to use enough material when making shirts or we will all be looking indecent in our see through clothes. Those tshirts are so thin I'd be afraid to wash them!

And then there are lines... lines on clothing. It's important to pay attention to where the lines go because lines take your eyes places. I was browsing tops when I came across this photo and the pants had me cracking up...

I'm calling these the "Please Look at My Vagina" pants.

Seriously. It is hard to look anywhere else but there because of the lines! It's like an arrow saying "Hey you! Look right here! LOOK AT MY CROTCH!"

Think about the lines friends! And by all means... if you want people looking at your crotch all day, buy these pants. But before you do... you might want to check out the back view...

Outline the bum... no thanks!

These win my vote for worst pants ever!

Anyone else having a hard time finding clothes that are wearable?? Because I keep walking out with more jeans and tshirts!

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