Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Liza!

She's NINE today.
I've had nine years with the coolest, sweetest, silliest girl around.
Nine years of her hugs and jokes and giggles.
Nine years of watching her become an amazing little person.


Nine things about Liza...

1. She loves big.
2. She doesn't care if her pants are too short, because she doesn't care what others think... she only cares that the pants are comfortable... and if the most comfortable pair are too short, well she is going to wear them anyways!
3. She falls asleep with everything that was important that day on her bed... books, crayons, stuffed animals, her backpack. It's all there, safe in her bed.
4. When Liza meets someone, they are immediately a friend. She gives everyone a chance.
5. She forgives easily.
6. She stands up for herself.
7. She is brave and tries new things even when she is nervous and afraid.
8. Liza likes to think she's a tomboy but she's as girly as they come.
9. She loves animals!

And speaking of animals... I was able to give Liza a different kind of gift this year. On Sunday we went to visit a friend of mine who has horses. Liza got to groom and ride and feed the horses apples. She even got to give one a bath! We have more surprises planned for her as we continue to celebrate her life this week.

I can't imagine life without Liza in it. She's my favorite girl!!!





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