Sunday, September 20, 2015

Soccer Mom

We are LOVING being a part of our local soccer league. Coaching the U8 boys has added so much joy to my life. As my neighborhood becomes quiet and different with all the recent changes... the soccer field is becoming my happy place.

I love the game.
I love my team.
I love coaching.

I also love watching Liza's games from the sideline with the rest of the parents. There are some really good players on her team and it's exciting to see how well they play the game at such a young age.

And then there is Liza... she trips and falls while trying to do a goal kick. For those of you who don't know... a goal kick is not something you should be falling over. The ball is stationary and it is yours. No one is fighting you for it.

Oh Liza. :)

I love the game and love seeing it played well, so there are times where it could become painful for me to watch Liza... because I would LOVE for her to be an amazing player. But then I remind myself... she is not yet  9 and she is clutzy and this is her first year. And when I remind myself that, I can't help but laugh and say "that's my girl!" every time she falls over her own feet... or almost scores on her own team because she forgot which way her team was going.

When I remember that's MY Liza out there on the field... my sweet girl with the biggest heart in town... my super girly girl who told me a few months ago she's going to be a tomboy (not even close!)... and she's being brave and trying something new... my heart swells with pride!

I don't care if she scores on her own team.
I don't care if she forgets what her position is and ends up in the wrong place on the field.
I don't care if she doesn't stop one shot when playing goalie.
I don't care if she trips and falls over her own feet a gazillion times.
I don't care if she isn't a star player.

What I do care about is that she goes out there and does her best... whatever that looks like.

And while she's out there doing her best I will be on the sideline cheering for her as if she were a star player... because encouragement will take a child so much further than belittling comments from the sidelines.





You should have seen me and Mike when Liza scored her first goal!!! Her teammates really helped her out but she is the one who put it in the goal. She worked for it and after so many tries one shot finally went in! In that moment... there was nothing better happening in the world. PROUD MAMA!

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