Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Today my kids got a real life lesson in commitment.

We are in a new-to-us school this year, and with this new school comes new things... like a monthly school skate party at the local rollerskating rink.

Liza and Jason have only been rollerskating once.
They LOVED it!

They started talking about the skate party earlier this week and that's when I had to break it to them... they wouldn't be going.

Because they signed up for soccer and Liza's team practices on the same night. Sure, we could have went to the skate party late, but that would have made for a very busy school night. One thing is enough.

And so... since we have committed to being a part of soccer teams this year we must stick to that commitment first. Today I taught my kids that they don't just drop a commitment because something more interesting came along. It took a while for Liza and Jason to accept this but I think it's a really important lesson for them to learn. When we say we are going to do something, we do it. We only miss if we get sick or something really important, like my brother's wedding, is happening.

There will be more skate parties later in the year that we can go to.

And in the end...
I'm pretty sure Jason had a nice night at home with Mike, and Liza said she had a really fun time at practice and is glad that she didn't skip it for the skate party.

I'm pretty sure we'll be at the next skate party and I'll be skating with my kids... cuz that's how I roll.


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