Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thank You

When someone gets honest about their life like I did yesterday, one of three things usually happens... at least in my experiences.

1. People can't handle it, get disappointed that you aren't who they thought you were and walk out of your life.

2. People don't want to deal with someone who has a messy life, so they add distance.


3. People offer kindness and support and accept the messy person as they are.

Yesterday number 3 was the response I got. Or at least the only one I noticed. :) Thank you for your kindness, for not preaching at me, for just letting me be upset. I cried as I read many of your comments on my Facebook page or emails that were sent... because they touched a place in my heart that is not yet hardened.

I have good people in my life... and that's what helps me wake up and face the chaos every day. Today I have a little more hope than I did yesterday.

I looked back and found the post I wrote about the time I tattooed HOPE on my finger... so I would have a daily reminder to continue to hope at all times. I had it done during a hard time (that happens to have been during these last three years of hard times).

It's hard to hope sometimes. Hope opens up the heart for hurt and disappointment. But I think a life without hope would be even worse. So today... today I try to hope again.

You can read the full post about why I tattooed hope on my finger by CLICKING HERE.

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