Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Two Van Fam

We bought a van... a second van. The car is dying a slow death and has been since we bought it. But we got enough time out of the car to save up to get another van, so it worked out alright.

The car will go to the junkyard, and we will have our two vans that will hopefully last us for quite a few more years.

The new van is an '08 Honda something. If you want details you will have to ask Mike. All I know is that compared to our first van, the second van is huge. It's wider and longer and higher. And the buttons! This van has so many buttons. I think there is a manual that is over 100 pages just for the buttons. Mike says there are five manuals in all. I will let him do the reading and he can just tell me what does what.

It's going to take some getting used to, and I kind of prefer the simplicity of the "old" van. However, I've been pushing buttons and figuring out a few things here and there. I can push a button on the steering wheel and give my van commands... like radio tune to 96.1... and it does it! I can voice command the heat and ac and apparently a long list of other things. I can also ask questions and my van will answer me.

I asked "Who's the boss?" and it simply answered by giving me the time.

Apparently this van does not yet know it's place in the family.

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